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Prism Media has been corporate as leading animation & VFX institute since 2014. For the last 5 years we have produced more than 130 Students campus and also in most renowned animation studios. Multimedia houses, e-learning company’s national dairies, web design firms, advertising agencies etc. First of its kind B.Sc. Courses and vocational training of 3 years. We are specially offering life visit by well educated faculty and portfolio building etc. are just a few of the highlights that set us a par from others in this field. This institute falls under the renowned Kalinga institute approved.

These degree courses turn a student into a professional one who will surely make the most of this upcoming opportunities in this field.


The Video Editing, entertainment and media industry, as per sources is expected to be worth more than 200 million by the next year. Therefore, we at Prism Media expect to emerge as an excellence center for the 2D animation courses and all the others by continuing with development and research.

In Odisha, It is first campus with integrated faculty of Animation, VFX, Graphics and Web Designing.


  • Live Photography 3d shoot
  • Workshops on character design
  • Group discussion
  • Clay modeling
  • Action for the 3D animation courses
  • Creative workshops


We strive reaching an unparalleled position, enough for enriching and guiding the Architect Visualization aspirants. Our teams continue the decade of integrity of an uncompromised kind to student community, improving technologies or standards and constant innovation. Furthermore, we constantly want to keep delivering excellence in all fields of multimedia.


  • Keeping aside our animation faculty, we have ample facilities for development training for soft skills.
  • We invite the guest facilities from reputed production houses whenever required
  • Different faculties exist for different subjects
  • We have faculties, efficient enough, with ample experience of the industry.

Prism Media Alumni

“Our special trainings to the students have made them go real far in the past few years. We are not bragging when we say that more than hundred students have undergone placements in some of the most reputed industries across the Indian subcontinent. For many houses of film production, and leaving channels on TV, our students have made considerable progress. It has indeed been quite a success saga till date as far as placement presenting is concerned.


Our Extensive Special Training