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Photography Course

The Foundation photography course is a very comprehensive photography course, aimed for beginners.

The course covers the basics of photography and goes on to more advanced photographic concepts and techniques, like Lighting, Exposure Portraiture, Composition, HDR, Panorama, Time Lapse, Photo editing, etc. The course is suitable both for owners of DSLR cameras willing to improve their photography skills and for those who plan to continue shooting professionally.


3 Months


  • Introduction to DSLR camera
  • Working with a digital film (sensor)
  • Exposure compassion
  • Metering
  • Focusing
  • Freezing motion
  • Colour correction and white balance.
  • Creation of silhouettes, pan effects, zoom burst, etc.
  • Image resolution
  • Raw image vs Jpeg
  • Basic Photo editing

Wedding Photography Lighting

Portrait Lighting

Flash & Lighting Photography

3 Point Lighting