Diploma in Animation & Digital Media

Diploma in Animation & Digital Media

Ready to take your animation skills to the highest level? Animation as you know is about capturing a movement’s essence and transforming the virtual into a reality. 

At Prism Media, we offer diplomas in animation & Digital Media, along with other in-demand visual effect courses. The likes of which include perspective drawing, character design, animating, storyboarding, and cell animation. 

Our students are nurtured to develop the 2D effects animation techniques and skills, design skills of computer graphics, and art in the Best Animation Institute. 

The software that we use to teach our students is of industry standards for creating a world that is animated, with life infused into it. 

Post the course completion day, students are sure to have professional-level expertise on making characters respond, convey emotions, speak thoughts, along with showcasing mobility.

Our courses help nurture all the professional skills that are needed for joining the exciting industry.


  • Module-1                              5 months

    • Computer Fundamentals
    • Drawing
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Corel Draw
    • Indesign


    • Graphics Designer
    • Logo Designer
    • Image Editor
    • Layout artist
    • Brand Identity Designer
  • Module-2                             4 months

    • Flash(2d Animation)
    • Premiere
    • Soundbooth

    CAREER OPTIONS AFTER                            

    • 2D Animator
    • BG Artist
    • Digital artist
    • Visual editor
    • Multimedia Artist &Animator
  • Module-2                             1month

      • HTML
      • CSS


    • Web Designer
    • Web Layout designer
    • Applications developer
    • Multimedia programmer
    • Web content manager
    • UX designer
  • Module-3                             10 months

    • 3ds Max
    • Vray 


    • 3d Graphic Designer
    • Modeling Artist
    • Texturing Artist
    • 3D Architecture Designer
    • Lighting Artist
    • Render Artist
    • Layout Artist

    PROJECT                     1 MONTH

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