The process of generating an animated image on a digital platform is termed computer animation. In other words, it is a computer-generated image incorporating the perfect combination of dynamic and static images. It takes the level and finish of the animated imagery to the next level and finds options of use for different filmmaking purposes. The modern computer uses 3D graphics for two –dimensional effects in the picture. However, 2D graphics are popular for its low bandwidth, stylish finish and real-time effect in the scene in which it is used. The animated imagery is perfect for use both on the computer and in films.

In the case of 3D animation, objects are created on a computer and then equipped with a virtual skeleton which is slightly different from the 2D animation process. It is the process of morphing and twinning that helps highlight the process of two animation methods. The production team in filmmaking should decide on the correct use of the mode of animated imagery that would meet the requirement of the figures and scenes in the film best.

History of 3D Animation

Dating back to the 1960s, Edward E. Zajac developed digital animation using computers at bell Telephone Laboratories. Following this, Frank W. Sinden, A. Michael Noll continued to practice other forms of computer animation at that time. Then in 1967, an animation called ‘Hummingbird’ came into being following by another ‘kitty’ that depicted a moving cat. After this, came ‘metadata’ in 1971 that showed different shapes. Besides, an early start in the world of animated film is the sequel of the 1973 film, ‘Westworld.’ It is a science fiction-based film about a society where robots live alongside normal people. However, in 1995, ‘Toy Story’ was the first-ever feature-length animated film that came into being. 

What has the future of 3D animation to offer? The entertainment industry is yet to witness new turns, twists, and tricks used in filmmaking and creating 3D animated movies of the next level. It is not only limited to use in the world of film. You will start to see its use in different places in future use owing to technological advancement. However, in this relation, virtual reality is the ultimate test of 3D animation that is restricted due to some technical delays, the use of heavy equipment, and other tools. The number of obstacles is increasing day by day and hindering the development of the 3D animation world. Virtual reality in 3D animation is showing improvement in the use of mobile sets, headsets, mobile features, and others. Due to this, different 3D avatars are created and added with aesthetic features that would take the overall work to the next level of professionals. This also makes it perfect to be used in animated movies these days. Owing to this, if aspirants are looking for a prospective career option in 3D animation and related work in the future, there are plenty of options to choose from. One should get used to the latest technology, animated imagery, and know its correct use in different fields. With better ideas and knowledge, individuals can find a better scope of work in the field.

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