Specialization 3D Architect Visualization

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Specialization 3D Architect Visualization

Learn 3d max and Vray and create a realistic output of your idea be it an interior, exterior, or a product

Who should Attend?

Anyone who wants to make their career in 3d designing and create a realistic output of their ideas on to pc. Interior designers who want to present their ideas to clients visually.


Passion to learn and hardworking

What do you need to bring?

A notepad and a pen to take down notes

Key Takeaways

*Ability to create realistic images in 3d of any interior, exterior, or product.

* Tips and techniques to effectively bring out realistic output.

* Can do freelancing and be self-independent.

3d Max 

1. Introduction
2. Interface and navigation
3. Edit Poly Modeling tools and techniques
4. Edit Spline Modeling Tools and techniques
5. Interior Modeling
6. Exterior Modeling


Contents of the course is as follows
1. Introduction to Vray
2. Concept of vray
3. Introduction to lighting in vray, different types of light and their practical uses. Vray IES light
4. Introduction to texturing in vray, create different types of shader and textures, techniques to make different types of shaders and texture like glass, steel, chrome, metal, wood, etc.
5. Vray Camera, its use, and features.
6. Vray fur and its uses.
7. Vray Frame Buffer.
8. Vray Sun
9. Practical Interior Lighting.
10. Practical Exterior Lighting.



3DS Max

PROJECT                     1 MONTH

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