Prism Media is the best institution for multimedia platforms. I have always been interested in architectural designs. When I join at Prism Media then realized that I chose the best for my study, and it helped me starting from fundamentalists to advanced in 3d design. A-list preparation with very collaborating faculties made my life simpler.

Balaram Nayak


I have finished a graphics design course from Prism Media Bhubaneswar. It is an awesome stage for the student who has a place or looking for a job as an artist. It’s an amazing activity being in Prism Media, and gratitude to all faculties resources for being so steady.

Saroj Kumar Mahanta

Healthcare infosystems (Delhi) GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Prism Media is a very good institute for me. I will be always thankful for Prism media to allow me to complete my visual editing course so that now I become a visual editor. It only happens for the great faculty who always support me to reach my passion.

Jyotibhushan sahoo

OTV News (Bhubaneswar) VISUAL EDITOR

Prism Media is a great opportunity for the students to communicate their creativity in the field of Designs and VFX enterprises. I’m a lot appreciative to the Prism Media group and might want to gratitude to the resources who caused me to part to investigate my abilities.

Barsa Rani Das

DQ Entertainment: Animation Studio (Hyderabad) MOTION GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Now I’m a professional full-time designer which is only made possible by the creative education system of Prism Media & the beloved supporting Team. I am very thankful to all and especially Director sir who is our biggest mentor. Thank you prism media.

Arbinda Sahu

Lifestyle PVT. LTD. (Bangalore) GRAPHIC DESIGNER

I have gotten remarkable preparation in the field of VFX through my workforce at Prism Media. I need to express gratitude toward Prism Media for showing that trust in me and feel thankful for all the assistance they gave me to build up my abilities for the position I stand gladly in today in the Motion Graphics industry at Tarang television.

Kajal RoutRay

Tarang TV (Bhubaneswar) MOTION GRAPHICS

What I preferred about Prism Media is the best showing climate, customary workshops and very well network with industry. Prism Media had given me such countless things separated from normal instruction. Now I became a 3D artist and place at a reputed company at X- POSE in Bhubaneswar, it only happens for Prism Media.

Itina Das

X- POSE (Bhubaneswar) 3D ARTIST

I’m passionate as a VFX artist without any expressions of school insight. I came to Prism Media to learn not many programming and wound up learning much more. Because of the engaged coaching at Prism Media, I stood out enough to be noticed and constructed a lifelong dependent on my ability and interest.

Smruti Ranjan Senapati

DQ Entertainment: Animation Studio (Hyderabad) VFX

“My excursion as a video editor began with Prism Media. Learning here was enjoyable. The specialized abilities of the mentors and their co-usable methodology forced me to achieve more than what we are prepared to do.” So thanks to the Prism Media team. I’m proud to be a student of Prism Media.

Gopal Ghadei

Kankan TV (Bhubaneswar) VIEDO EDITOR

I made some extraordinary memories learning at Prism Media. I thought out how to stay with an issue and find various methods of tackling it. The experience showed me the skills that will allow me to consistently build up my specialized abilities. I thanks Prism Media that gave me the best chance when I completed the course.

Tapas Ranjan Pati

Utkal Catoon World (Bhubaneswar) VISUAL EDITOR