Eligibility - 11th | 2 Months

Certification in Video Editing

Certification in Video Editing

If you have to grab to create a career in the Video Editing industry, we at Prism Media welcome you to the Best Video Editing Institute in Bhubaneswar. This course aims at converting the raw footage into a new one by implementing various post-production tasks like titling, color correction, sound mixing, filters, and other enhancements. This course will help you understand the gradations of cutting and editing videos. After completing this course, a student can be the backbone of any post-production process by operating in an editorial field like TV channels, Production houses, Event Companies, and many more as a visual artist, Television video editor, film editor, senior video editor, etc.


A student can pursue this course on software like Adobe Premiere pro and final-cut-Pro. This training emphasizes the career growth, of a student in the video editing industry by offering a certificate of completion where a student can be a pro by increasing the earning potential and gain in-demand skills necessary to navigate competitive waters.

Software Skills

Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing


  • Basic Video Editing Principles
  • Camera Angles & Camera shots
  • Audio & Video Sync
  • Applying Transitions
  • Storyboarding and Animatics
  • Storytelling & Script Writing

Career Opportunities

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Program Details:

  • Eligibility


  • Duration:

    2 Months

  • Softwares

    25 Software

  • Language:

    Odia, Hindi, English

  • Class Module:


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