Eligibility - After 12th | 1year

Specialization in Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Specialization in Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and video editing are two essential steps in the creation of high-caliber videos. They involve using specialised tools and methods to produce visually appealing videos that tell a story.

The act of modifying and rearranging video content in order to develop a compelling story is known as video editing. For example, editing and cropping video, creating transitions and special effects, modifying colour and lighting, and synchronising audio and video are all included in this. The objective of video editing is to produce a polished, seamless finished product that successfully conveys the intended message.

The use of animation and visual effects to improve video material is known as motion graphics. Creating animated titles and text, visual overlays, and special effects may all be part of this.

Software Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Digital Photo Editing & Compositing

Adobe Illustrator

Vector Graphics & Designing


  • Principles of design
  • Color Theory
  • Typography
  • Image Editing
  • Logo Designs
  • Branding

Software Skills

Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing

Audio Audition

Audio Editing


  • Basic Video Editing Principles
  • Camera Angles & Camera shots
  • Audio & Video Sync
  • Applying Transitions
  • Voice Recording
  • Audio Mixing

Software Skills

Adobe After effects

Motion graphics

Cinema 4D

Broadcast Design


  • Composition
  • Animation
  • Shape layers and masks
  • Color correction
  • Tracking & stabilizing
  • Wire Removal and clean up
  • 3D camera Tracking
  • Particle Dynamics
  • 3d design & Modelling

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Program Details:

  • Eligibility

    After 12th

  • Duration:


  • Softwares

    25 Software

  • Language:

    Odia, Hindi, English

  • Class Module:


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