Photography emerged as a part of almost every element of our lives. Today, almost everyone has a camera on their smartphone and takes photos every day. Photography is the art, process and application of capturing durable images by recording light. People capture images electronically through an image sensor or chemically through a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

A photo has a deeper meaning and tells thousands of important stories. For several years and even to the present day, photography has served as a tool for exploration, documenting people, places and events, telling stories and recording histories and as a mode of communication. By learning and practising several types of photography, one can build a strong foundation for their photography career. Portrait photography, editorial photography, architectural photography, fashion photography, photojournalism, sports photography, and still life photography are some styles of photography you can master.

Starting a Career in Photography

With the enhancement in advertising, media and the fashion industry, photography emerged as a thrilling and lucrative career option among Indian youths. However, several years ago, the mass considered photography a hobby profession, which emerged as an excellent opportunity in today’s market. Today, photography is fast emerging as a popular career choice across all age groups. It is both a science and an art, as it includes expression, the camera replacing the pen and the paintbrush. Photographers must create a good composition of any subject, be it a piece of machinery, the human body, scenery, a child’s smile or even an ice cube. Pupils interesting in pursuing a course in photography can explore job opportunities across several streams of the course.

The Photography Industry

Today a modern photographer can work in several areas of photography. The notable among them include:

Press Photography or Photojournalists

Photojournalists supply photographs to the global and national press. Starting a career in the field demands an ability to photograph newsworthy people, places, sports, political and community events for different types of media.

Feature Photography

It involves describing a story through pictures and requires a thorough knowledge of the subject. Most photographers specialize in wildlife, sports, travel and environmental photography.

Portrait and Wedding Photography

The photographers take pictures of individuals or small groups. They handle subjects like pets, families, children, weddings, family events and functions and activities in sports and social clubs.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Photographers in this sphere work in highly sophisticated and well-equipped studios. Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the country, which does not seem to change anytime sooner.

Freelance Photography

Today, freelancing emerged as the most popular career choice among photographers. The self-employed photographers require business management skills and can freelance in any of these above fields.

Advertising Photography

The photographers in this sphere work with the creative and graphics department of the advertising agencies or photographic studios. It is the most lucrative and competitive branch of all, and its success depends entirely on capability, efficiency and personality.

Irrespective of the branch of photography, the art requires a natural aptitude, observation skills, training, a high degree of discipline, and practice. Besides having an intelligent, curious and active mind, you have an eye for detail as an expert.

Where to Learn Photography in Odisha?

Prism Media, the best animation, photography and VFX institute, offers courses to help you learn industry-standard photography skills. It emerged as the leading institution providing education in high-end 3D animations, VFX, film-making and photography, and multimedia. Over the past eight years, over 400 students from the institution received placements in the most renowned animation studios, multimedia houses, web design firms and advertising agencies. Prism Media Bhubaneswar is the first institute in the state that offers vocational training courses.

The faculty at Prism Media integrates research, knowledge, industry experience and exposure to offer comprehensive artist skills. The institute nurtures the students capable of taking world-class photographs while exposing the students to various field projects and responsibilities. Join Prism Media Bhubaneswar to become a professional photographer. Career opportunities and job placements after successful completion of the course.

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