Before we delve deep into 2D animation, let us first understand the meaning of 2D. A 2D shape is a figure or object, and shapes have two dimensions- length and height. All 2D shapes lie on a flat surface and belong to the category of plain shapes and figures. While 2D shapes have an area, they do not have volume.

2D animation involves any moving art created to work in a two-dimensional space. In it, the animator puts together individual drawings in a sequence, and when they play together, it creates an illusion of a moving film. The animator divides a second into 24 frames depending on the animation. There can be 24 unique and different drawings in one second of animation or as little as two. The 2D animation helps the artists save on the production and time costs, giving 2D animation its unique look.

People often refer to 2D animation as traditional animation and mainstream 2D production. The process evolved from hand drawn processes using a pencil and paper to implementing digital techniques using computer software.

2D animation as We Know it Today

2D emerged as a popular medium that made a massive comeback. The introduction of 2D animation helps the animators create moving art without involving humans or natural scenery and create various characters, creatures, and backgrounds as they wish. People and companies use 2D animation as an artistic medium for story-telling and conveying messages through characters and objects that move in a two-dimensional environment.

One can witness the use of the art in TV shows, video games, feature films, advertisements, mobile applications and websites. Social media platforms like Snapchat also launched 2D animated series with snappy 1-3 episodes. Moreover, you can also witness the surge of 2D animation in 2D platform video games like Cup head.

Is 2D Animation Dead?

Most people think that 2D animation is dead. Disney’s announcement set this tone. However, 2D animation is dead only on the big screens and movie industry. You can witness the use of 2D animation in explainer videos, product demo videos and incorporate animated videos.

How to Create 2D Animations?

With the advancement in computer technologies, 2D animation has also been digitized, as the artists and animators create them through various 2D animation software. The software enables the artists to draw the characters and backgrounds directly on the computer and animate them.

The process of creating 2D animation involves three primary phases. These include:

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It is the first stage of creating animations. The animators, during the stage, develop the story and prepares the script, design the characters, choose the colour patterns, prepare the background, create the storyboard and record the voice-over.

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This stage involves the final editing process of 2D animation. The animation team, at this stage, enhances the animation with additional sound effects and recordings. The sound and recordings increase the emotional impact of the animation.

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The Future of 2D Animation

2D animation stands as one of the major types of animation widely used for creating animated movies, cartoons, marketing videos, advertisements, corporate presentations, video games and educational materials.

With the rise of video content, more and more businesses are considering using animated videos for promotion, as they can increase the conversion rates by 20%. While some companies have their animation teams, others create them online through video maker tools. Moreover, animated videos create a visual, auditory and kinesthetic impact on the audiences. 

There is a high demand for 2D animators, especially experts, to create engaging and entertaining content. There is a need for skilled and enthusiastic artists who love motion graphics and are adept at creating original and appealing content.

From where can I Learn 2D Animation in Odisha?

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